"Stepping out of the Frame"
29-30 Jul 2015 Lyon (France)


chuv_bandeau_demonet_1.jpg  Jean-François Demonet, University of Lausanne,  Lausanne, Switzerland

Jean-François Demonet will give an overview of the neural basis of language.

 angela_sirigu.jpg  Angela Sirigu, Marc Jeannerod Institut for Cognitive Sciences, Lyon, France

Angela Sirigu will discuss the varieties of motor representations in the human brain. She will focus on how intention and awareness are related to speech and body movements.

alfonsocaramazza_2.jpg  Alfonso Caramazza, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Alfonso Caramazza will discuss why sensorimotor representations are not good candidates for the representation of lexical semantics, object and action concepts, or even word forms.

VyvEvans.JPG  Vyvyan Evans, Bangor University, UK.

Vyv Evans will provide an overview, based on the state of the art, of the way in which language and mind co-conspire to create meaning, presented from the perspective of cognitive linguistics.




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